About Us


BTH Co. has been started to generate the brand HooDeh Lubricants in 2003 in the Middle East to cover international markets needs and requirements in different ranges of lubricants and oil products. HooDeh Lubricants blends, produces her own products from a first class virgin mineral base oils, high quality semi synthetic and fully synthetic base oils as well as high quality and certified additives to meet overseas industries' standards. HooDeh Lubricants are being packed in different packages and containers. Considering with a primary focus on our target markets in most countries in Africa such as Ghana, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Mali, Senegal, Cameroon, Guinea, Mauritania, Libya Niger, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Somalia, Kenya. BTH Co. has uniquely positioned to supply the products in different regions in Africa by HooDeh Lubricants. BTH Co. has realized that a critical factor of success in lubricants industry and or any venture is the access to specific industry knowledge, the company  and HooDeh Lubricants have been founded and articulated by a team of leading industry professionals, strategic partners and business associates, which in turn have encouraged and emboldened the company to participate in one of the most challenging markets in the world.

HooDeh Lubricants is blended, produced and packed under the most high- tech companies in U.A.E. which have an ultra- modern automated blending system with latest machinery to keep the products precisely blended and to avoid human errors. It means we are in position to satisfy our customers by delivering products in scheduled time without compromising in quality.


Corporate Philosophy

  • BTH Co. management is to reward three level of people: Shareholders, employees and finally the customers in different levels such as buyer, banks, administrative offices and organization engaged with the company's affairs.
  • BTH Co. is to appointed superior products and services to business partners, traders and end users.
  • BTH CO. is to maintain the health and safety of the employees, customers and protecting the environment
  • BTH Co. is to move toward a continual improvement in producing high quality products, processes and services.



BTH Co. management team believes in a success having the people in his heart. BTH Co. has planned a market share by appreciation for the quality of products and service. Actually, we have gathered to move toward completion by enjoying of the brightest, innovators, problem solvers and communicators. All of these has seen in the company's vision and mission. We believe further the management team, this is our people, technological and know- how in the company has created quite different company comparing other. Our team of experts includes chemists, physicists, test engineers, application specialists, analysts and production managers is in a continual way to make significant contribution in customers' value adding. We may offer our customers a variety of lubricants for an enormous range of disparate applications, repeatedly validated in the toughest of environments in industrial or commercial installations.

Core Values

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: This is our commitment to focus on customer satisfaction by gaining a continuous valued feedback from them; that means we are customer oriented in everything we do. BTH Co. has focused on providing the best possible experience for our distributors, dealers and end customers. "No care, no more customers"

Unknown QUALITY ASSURANCE: BTH Co. has defined the business in regards of protections; it means we have focused on equipment protection, employee's protection and in the sequel environment protection by providing the high quality Products.

Unknown PASSIONATE: BTH Co. is passionate about doing the business and creating a win-win situation for our customers, our products, our services and ourselves.

Unknown TRUST & TRANSPARENCY: BTH Co. is open and in direct communication among all levels of the company which is critical for maintaining trust and respect. Honesty and fair treatment. Team working divides the task and multiplies the success. "Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is the progress. Working together is the success." - Henry Ford.